Destined with Purpose

Most youth today feel that they are invisible. Surrounded by so much technology and the ability to use it, you can easily be in contact with several people having several conversations at one time! Yet you can still feel isolated & alone. Social media sites can cause you to feel that your life is boring and has no meaning. You can easily be bullied and caused to feel less than you are.

Youth Redeemed brings hope into your life! God has created you with a purpose and wants to show you how to overcome the inadequacy the world pushes, learn how here. Come out, meet new people just like you in similar situations and see how God is moving in their lives.

More than another youth gathering, we’re speaking the truth and teaching you how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Discover how to hear Him speak to you personally, know what to do with what He is telling you and make an awesome difference in your life and others. The bible is full of story-after-story of how God used youth to free people and bring His plan to pass. Be that person.

Need help?

If you need to speak to someone, please contact us. We are here to help you. You can stop by, call or email.