Building Hometown Relationships

A global vision all begins right here, in our home towns. People like you are what bring the vision to life. We focus on building strong relationships with our church family, which strengths our bond with each community, and in turn makes the church and our global mission projects thrive. We are reaching out to community leaders and influencers to promote a positive environment for our families who are scattered around the Chicagoland region.

We are committed to reaching people of all nations, all around the world with the good news of the Gospel. By leading the people of our local communities into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ we are able to do exponentially more than we ever could alone. Come be part of this wonderful family that we simply call, Church, and be part of what God is doing internationally. We’re closer to home than you think. We’ll see you soon.

Local Community Outreach

Easter and Christmas Dramas

We use drama as a way to bring the bible to life so that it becomes more than just a story. Our Easter Dramas run the week leading up to Easter. Starting with the Triumphant Entry on Sunday morning, then the Last Supper on Thursday, the Crucifixion on Friday, and a Celebration Sunday am and pm services! Our Christmas drama is a our Annual Drive-Thru CD Narrated Live Nativity. Enjoy a scene by scene nativity drama from the warmth of your own car as you enjoy hot cider and christmas treats.

Children’s Conference

During our summer months, we have children conferences. It generally runs for a week during the day and is free to the public! Children will enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, crafts , puppet shows, and clowns skits, live music and so much more! continue to check our site for updated information!

Church in the Park

This past summer we began having our service in the Bartlett Park! What a great way to meet new people and get a taste in a comfortable relaxing setting. We hope to see you in the park in the 2010 summer!

Nursing Home Ministry

We feel that the elder generation should not be forgotten. We have a team of people who visit surrounding nursing homes to sing and minister to the elder generation. They still have a voice and much that we can learn from. We also take our teen group (Youth Redeemed) to visit as well. It is good to teach our young people to honor and respect those who are older, and to learn to listen to what they have to say. God still loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Family Sundays

For a few select Sundays in the summer we will have a church picnic after the morning service. The entire community and surrounding areas are invited to join us for our service & picnic. We call them, Family Sundays. These special days are dedicated to focusing on the church family and getting to know everybody in the church a little better. Afterwards we come together for some free worship and then forgo our evening service, letting you get home and spend time with your family.