Impacting the World for Christ

We are very active in missions work all across the world. Sending teams to encourage pastors, helping them to start new churches, supporting orphans in Africa, and international street evangelism, are all just part of what we do. We have a strong desire to reach the lost in the world with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. The Bible says the Harvest is plenty but laborers are few, there are alot of people ready to give their lives to the Lord, but someone needs to go – it could be you.

Not only are we strongly involved in missions in other countries, but we see that a great need has grown here in our own country. Reaching out to other Pastors in our local area, and nation wide, we are encouraging them to lay a solid foundation and build up their people into the mighty church of God that we truly are.

The first Sunday of every month we set aside a part of our service to pray for missions. Country by county we pray for current events, spiritual awakening, and an end time harvest. We encourage anybody involved internationally to join us for this powerful time as we impacting and help shape other nations through prayer.

Join Us: Prayer for the Nations, First Sunday of the Month 6:30 pm

Get Involved

There are several ways you can start driving mission work forward for Christ.

1. Volunteer Locally

There is a great need for willing hands that can be part of a mighty force, volunteering in the local church, moving the community and kingdom forward. We always have positions open to be filled with people just like you. To get started just stop by, speak to our friendship team, and usher, or the office administrator. Once we’ve matched you up we’ll get you enrolled in our Connections class where you will learn all about the church, how we function, and where you fit into the bigger picture. We can’t wait to have someone like you be part of our church family!

2. Volunteer Globally

Be part of our international outreach ministry and see yourself traveling internationally on a missions trip. We go to several countries every year and are continuously developing teams that we can send into foreign lands. You will be trained for positions like, armor-bearing, children’s ministry, street evangelism, translator, special music, and so much more! This exciting opportunity is available to those who’ve graduated from first year School of Ministry. Come by and talk to us about being part, you’ll be glad you did.

3. Become a Sponsor

Getting involved in the Lord’s work doesn’t always mean coming down and getting dirty. There are tools and resources that it takes to accomplish the goals set before us. With your help we can purchase the necessities it takes to get this done. From local events to mission trips, your generous sponsorships and donations are propelling our vision in an awesome way. Visit any missions page to learn more, sponsor a trip, or become a partner today and let God use you in a unique way.*

*All donations & sponsorships are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for all gifts and/or a year end giving receipt. We are a 503c non-profit organization as recognized by applicable state and federal laws.