Become a Champion of life.

Men have a special place in this world. Throughout the entire bible we see how God chooses to use men who are willing to conform to His words. We also know that God put a specific demand on the men of the day, that’s you and me. With the right heart, choice direction, and spiritual guidance, God will make you more than you ever dreamed.

Under the anointed teaching ministry of Pastor Ed Weiss you will find an authority figure properly directing your life to success in every area. No man on this earth wishes to be worthless or feel like a loser – there is an inner drive that we seek to fulfill that we should make a name for ourselves.

Be the spiritual leader you’ve desired to be. When you submit yourself to the Word of God you will begin to walk a righteous path, take the first step. We truly believe that, when biblically Pastored, God will swiftly bring forth the greatness within you.


Each Saturday morning the men gather together and spend time with the Lord in prayer. We always end with an anointed word and impartation by Pastor for the upcoming week. Followed thereafter with coffee and sharing at breakfast at our Heavenly Grounds coffee house.