A New Perspective on the Bible

Each year we bring stories from the bible to life. Our drama based ministry is used to reach groups, communities, and can be received and understood in any language. All year ’round you will take part in watching our remarkable dramas in the church, during our normal services and special meetings, and at specific times of the year. Drama is a great way to bring the message of Jesus in a different way. Dance, skits, special music, and plays are some of the avenues we use. Take a look at 2 of our most prominent dramas below.

Main Events

We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord by a series of dramas starting with the Triumphant Entry on Palm Sunday, leading all the Crucifixion on Friday evening, and a powerful resurrection on Sunday. Held in dramatic display by live actors, this is one week you do not want to miss!
Every year just a week or so before Christmas we hold a live 2-day event; our Annual Live Nativity Drive-Thru. From the comfort of your own car you can drive through the story of the birth of Christ, scene by scene. Enjoy hot cocoa, hot apple cider, cookies and other treats as you listen to the narrator describe each scene for you in dramatic elegance. You and your kids will enjoy this unique experience year after year.